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We are a husband and wife team with over 30 years experience which has given us the knowledge of what it takes to make a good tattoo. We opened our tattoo studio in 2010 after many years working with my dad who has been tattooing 30+ years. 

We only use disposable grips and needles and all colours meet EU regulations. We do all styles of work ranging from large Japanese body suits to Neo traditional as well as the smallest flowers and everything in between. All work is custom drawn for every client, we never do the same tattoo more than once. We do fresh work, cover up's, finish work and repair work. 

There is nothing we won't take on. Our goal is to make our clients the happiest with there tattoo whether its a fresh tattoo or a cover up, a tattoo is for life, it should be one that you are proud to have on your skin forever. Lets start with you coming down and talking to us. 


Tattooist:Mark forde

I have been tattooing for 20+ years, I was taught by my father who has been tattooing more than 30 years.

I tattoo all styles of work from full customs to cover ups and everything in between. But my passion is large scale Japanese work, ranging from sleeves to full body suits the bigger the better.

I also enjoy doing  Japanese style paintings and  learning about the traditional skills

Tattooist:Elisha Forde

I have been tattooing for 10 years now and have been an artist for most of my life.

I  tattoo all styles of work including full custom work from small scale to the very large, coverups and reworking existing tattoos whether that be correction work or revamping an old tattoo.

I love neo traditional, Mandala work,  gothic styles and realism, but overall love and enjoy every tattoo I do.

My other passion is painting, I love working with acrylic and oil, I also do commission work for clients and I am always excited for the next project that is asked of me .

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phone: 0208 296 8515

SM1 4AF, Sutton, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

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